The Additional Information section of the Student Profile displays useful information about an important character.

Prior to July 18th 2017, this information was located within a DLL file and so was incredibly difficult to edit. However, from this date onward the data was moved to Students.json for easier edits.

The following is the additional information for each applicable student.

/ Last edited to fit the June 2nd 2018 build.

ID Additional Info
1 An average student.

Average grades, average looks, average life...

I'm not sure what you see in him.

6 Kokona Haruka's best friend and closest confidant. Kokona is likely to discuss personal matters with this girl.
7 May be a victim of domestic abuse.*

May be engaging in compensated dating in Shisuta Town.**

13 Comes from a rich family. He tries to hide this fact from others, but his affluent origins are very obvious because of his unusual way of speaking.
14 Extremely unlikely to witness murder unless it takes place in the computer lab.
15 Secretly has a crush on Pippi Osu. Neither of them realize that they both share feelings for each other.

Swears to his parents that he spends all of his free time studying.

16 Known for irritating her classmates and teachers by constantly asking foolish questions.
17 Wears contact lenses.

Enjoys spending time with her younger sister.

Rumored to be a succubus disguised as a high school student...but only a fool would believe something like that.

18 Wears contact lenses.

Enjoys spending time with her older sister.

Rumored to be a vampire disguised as a high school student...but only a fool would believe something like that.

19 The school librarian.

Strongly prefers solitude.

Very rarely expresses emotions.

20 Described as 'kawaii' 'moe' and 'deredere' by her admirers.

Has sworn her heart to an independent game developer living overseas.

Prefers to spend her time alone, fantasizing about her loved one.

21 President of the Martial Arts Club. Inherited the club after defeating the previous president.

Seems to be incapable of turning down a challenge.

Always gung ho and enthusiastic. Sometimes a bit overzealous, especially about martial arts.

22 and 24 Journeyman-level disciple of Budo Masuta.
23 and 25 Apprentice-level disciple of Budo Masuta.
26 Founder and President of the Occult Club.

Seems to have absolutely no interest in anything that is not paranormal.

Stalks the Basu sisters daily in a futile search for evidence that they are supernatural beings.

27 Trusted by Oka Ruto to operate the Occult Club when she is not present.
28 Claims to be wearing a medical eyepatch to correct a problem with her vision.

Refuses to provide details regarding her eye condition, leading to rumors that she is lying about the reason she wears an eyepatch.

29 No student has ever seen the right side of his face.

Some students suspect that he is using his hair to hide an unsightly scar or missing eye.

30 Claims that the bandages on her face are the result of being attacked by a wild animal shortly before the school year began.

There are rumors that the true reason she wears bandages is because she is regularly beaten by a family member, and was blinded in one eye during a domestic dispute.

31 One of the lenses of his glasses is completely opaque. No student has ever seen his right eye.

Some students suspect that he only has one eye, and prefers to wear an opaque lense over that eye rather than an eyepatch.

32 A shy and timid girl.

She is usually targeted for bullying.

A temporary placeholder student. Don't get too attached to her

34 You shouldn't be able to read this!
56 Leader of the Photography Club. Has no interest in photography, and uses the clubroom as a place to read manga, eat snacks, and goof around with friends.

Prefers to spend his time slacking off, but when he actually gets serious about something, his resolve is unbreakable.

57 The most laid-back student at school. Never takes anything seriously, and is relaxed at all times.

Despite being lazy most of the time, he cares deeply about his friends, and if any of them were in danger, he would leap at the chance to protect them.

58 Known for taking naps and eating snacks in class. Lazy and flaky, but not a bad person.

Best friends with Rojasu Norubiru, and shares many personality traits with him - including being fiercely protective of his friends.

59 Grew up with maids and butlers taking care of her every need. Highly concerned with her appearance and clothing at all times.

After befriending Beruma Dinkuri in junior high, the two of them became inseperable, despite being polar opposites.

60 One of the most hard-working and intelligent students in school. Can get so obsessed with studying that she forgets to take care of herself.

Her flaws are balanced by the strengths of her best friend, Dafuni Bureiku (and vice versa).

76 Osoro Shidesu, the leader of the delinquent gang, is absent from school. This student is Osoro's right-hand-man, and has been trusted with leading the delinquents while Osoro is absent.
77-80 Carries a weapon in the bag on his back.

Will not hesitate to defend himself if he feels threatened.

Spends most of his time in the incinerator area behind the school with his fellow delinquents.

81 A flashy trend-setter who loves to gossip and doesn't take school too seriously. \n \n She is spoiled rotten by her doting father, who buys his daughter anything she wants. \n \n Her father runs a loan agency.
82 Spends most of her time texting on her phone.

Pretends to be a sweet girl, but in private, her personality is quite nasty.

Secretly, her favorite activity is gossipping and spreading rumors.

83 Spends most of her time playing games on her phone.

Pretends to be pure and innocent, but in private, she can be extremely vulgar.

Secretly, her favorite activity is looking for dirt in peoples' pasts.

84 Spends most of her time taking selfies with her phone.

Pretends to oppose bullying, but in private, she harasses the people she dislikes.

Secretly, her favorite activity is shaming and ridiculing other people.

85 Spends most of her time browsing the Internet on her phone.

Pretends to be a positive person, but in private, only says negative things about others.

Secretly, her favorite activity is operating a hate blog on the Internet.

86 Last year's student council president, and this year's vice president. Currently substituting for the absent president. Known for being formal at all times.
87 Treasurer of the student council. A mysterious & enigmatic young woman. Known to be calm & relaxed at all times. Some students find her unsettling.
88 Secretary of the student council. Seems ditzy and airheaded at first glance, but has never failed in her duties. She has a very large number of male admirers.
89 Enforcer of the student council. Charged with the task of maintaining peace throughout the school. Often uses physical intimidation to enforce rules.
98 The school's guidance counselor.

Misbehaving students are sent to her office.

To expel a student, you must catch that student misbehaving and report them to her.

99 The school's headmaster. \n \n An extremely reclusive person, he rarely leaves his office or addresses the student body in person. \n \n The center of numerous unsavory rumors, although none have been proven.
100 Trying to look up my information? Don't bother. There is nothing that you need to know about me. You're a client, and I'm a provider. That's all we need to know about each other
Other No additional information is available at this time.

* Not readily available.

Trivia Edit

  • ID 7's information can only be unlocked if the player encounters events centred around ID 7. They are respectively a rooftop conversation involving ID 6 and a phone call.
  • Prior to July 8th, students 98-100 had no location in the JSON file. However, as these numbers do not refer directly to implemented students (instead pointing to nothing but additional info data) their other JSON data is left as default.