You are welcome to post your students and the data for them here.

Pure-JSON Students Edit

These students only require JSON modifications.

Note: If it's difficult to view the code, zoom out slightly. 90% should suffice.

Name, Creator, ID Portrait JSON code



Student 13


"ID": "13",

"Name": "Riku Soma",

"Gender": "1",

"Class": "32",

"Seat": "12",

"Club": "0",

"Persona": "2",

"Crush": "7",

"BreastSize": "0",

"Strength": "0",

"Hairstyle": "7",

"Color": "Purple",

"Eyes": "Purple",

"Stockings": "None",

"Accessory": "0",

"ScheduleTime": "7_7_8_13_13.375_15.525_15.85_17.5_17.75_99",

"ScheduleDestination": "Spawn_Locker_Hangout_Seat_LunchSpot_Seat_Stalk_Patrol_Locker_Exit",

"ScheduleAction": "Stand_Stand_Socialize_Sit_Socialize_Sit_Stalk_Patrol_Shoes_Stand"


Student Packs Edit

These student packs require a few DLL files to be modified - and so are included together.

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