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    New Admin

    December 11, 2016 by Eclipse-Magician

    User:RedsRealm and I agreed that there should probably be a new administrator for this wiki. I already sent an adoption request on Community Central, but then I realised that I should notify anyone else who might be lurking here.

    If I manage to adopt this wiki, I'll also make RedsRealm admin so that we can both work on the wiki. From there I figured we should probably start on the aesthetics (like the logo or the wiki's layout) then move onto other things like organising the wiki. But that's just my thoughts.

    Wish us luck!

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  • Eclipse-Magician

    Just stopping by every now and then and wanted to see if there's active community here. Just wanted to say hi, I guess, since there's barely anyone here so far. Let's see if we can change that in the future!

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