The following are the rules and guidelines of this wiki. Failure to follow these rules will result in repercussions with varying severity. Most rule-breaking will result in rollbacks and warnings. Repeated offence will result in being blocked from the wiki.


Due to a massive influx of troll edits, editing a page without following the rules now results in a ban of at least a week.

Rules Edit

  1. Only edit a page if you know what you're doing. Please make sure you have a rough idea of how the game works, understand how to format your responses, and understand the topic at hand. Do not add silly jokes, opinions or gags to any article.
  2. Fanon and custom creations have their own pages. Please keep that data off of the pages that focus around genuine in-game content. Please refrain from making individual pages for custom students - that's something the fanon wikia is responsible for.
  3. Don't be abusive. Abusive behaviour includes but is not limited to trolling, spamming, verbal/written abuse, threats and 'internet troll' behaviour. We reserve the right to remove comments/edits, make examples and ban at our own discretion depending on severity.
  4. Remain impartial when editing. Comments are fine (unless they violate Rule 3). The pages of this wiki should not reflect the opinions of anyone, including the admins, on anything. This wiki is not directly about people or events in realiy, it is about the mechanics of this game.

Guidelines Edit

  1. You are welcome to edit or create pages as you wish - but if the article/edit is not deemed legible or relevant to the development, textures and mechanics of Yandere Simulator, it may be removed or edited.
  2. Typing Like This Will Get Your Edits Rolled Back Or Edited, And May Also Result In A Warning. Consistency Is Key To Making A Wiki Look Professional. Capitalising Every Word Will Make The Text Difficult To Read. Is This Text Annoying You? Yes? Then Please Bear That In Mind. (This rule goes for sentences as short as two words.)
  3. If you're not sure about something, feel free to post in a page's comments or forum. Someone may come along to give advice.
  4. Applications for positions of """power""" (note the quote marks) are best made to the pages of the site's current admins. Rules for applications can be found here.
  5. Admins have the final say in the majority of the wiki's events. If you disagree, please be polite and courteous, and keep Rule 3 in mind.